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Riva del Garda, summer in Trentino

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Posted on 17/07/2012

Riva del Garda, summer in Trentino

Those who love adventure holidays, sports, nature and art can not fail to love Riva del Garda and its cured beaches, its spectacular views, its lush vegetation and the family atmosphere that you can breathe in every corner of the city.

Riva del Garda is located in the northern portion of Lake Garda at the foot of the scenic Mount Rocchetta and Mount Baldo that provide spectacular views of snow in winter and a cool climate even in summer.

Especially in summer you can enjoy all the landscape cpntrasts offered by this place, as well as some natural wonders like the waterfalls of Varone with their jump of 90 meters, the lakes Tenno and Ledro a few kilometers from Riva and the Mount Baldo called "Garden Mountain".
The most beautiful beaches of this area, however, are Sabbioni, a large beach with pebbles and grass; Miralago, surrounded by the green vegetation and the blue lake and, finally, Pini, a well equipped and clean pebble beach.

There are also numerous architectural and artistic beauties in the historic center of Riva del Garda and they testify every fragment of the history of the city. These include the Baroque church Inviolata, the Praetorian Palace and Piazza III November, the Rocca di Riva Civic Museum, the Bastion of Riva (a fortress of gray stone that dominates the city), the Tower Apponale near the old harbor and the Fort St. Nicholas.

Besides its natural and architectural beauties Riva del Garda is famous for the activities and sports that can be practiced there throughout the year. Especially some of the most fun summer activities include: diving, sailing, windsurfing and snowboarding in aquatic waters of Lake Garda, cycling with different levels of difficulty, Nordic walking, climbing, horse riding for lovers nature and many other sports to experience between the green of the Mediterranean vegetation and the deep blue of Lake Garda.

After having enjoyed every facet of this wonderful site you can climb aboard one of the boats that sailed from Riva and lead to Desenzano, Sirmione, Tremosine, Tignale, Campione del Garda, Limone, Toscolano Maderno, Gardone Riviera and SalÚ still Torri del Benaco , Malcesine and small islands in Lake Garda is dotted.

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